Prefigurative Politics, or Naww?

‘Prefigurative politics’ is the fancy theoretical term for “be the change you wish to see in the world”. Put simply, the idea is that movements should be microcosms of the world they want to create.

I got into an argument with one of my colleagues last night about the nature of the teacher organizing we’re doing in Working Educators, at our organizing meeting for the upcoming First Annual Convention this Saturday, November 8th (p.s., you should come!). She was right.

Grassroots organizing is not just about building networks and relational power to win individual fights and battles- it’s also about creating the world we’re dreaming of. In other words, it’s about the prefigurative politics. For education organizing, that means that our everyday grassroots organizing has to be about creating microcosms of the vibrant, supportive, powerful public schools we want to see in our city and world.

And hopefully, as we do this work, those microcosms will keep getting bigger and bigger.

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