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Prefigurative Politics, or Naww?

‘Prefigurative politics’ is the fancy theoretical term for “be the change you wish to see in the world”. Put simply, the idea is that movements should be microcosms of the world they want to create. I got into an argument with … Continue reading

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Love and Unions

I’ve had a number of conversations lately about the re-energizing and supportive power of the social justice union work I’ve been fortunate to get involved in- even when it feels like the last thing I want to do is leave … Continue reading

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Questions are for walking: un poquito de pedagogía Zapatista

There’s a Zapatista creation story that describes two gods, Ik’al and Votán, who are attached at their backs, each facing away from the other, and can’t figure out how to walk. But as they wonder what to do with themselves, … Continue reading

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Learning Sucks

I’ve been thinking and talking a lot lately about the learning process, about how it’s messy and complex and you don’t always know where you’re going until you get there (or never…). I try to encourage students to be creative … Continue reading

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